Altevax strenghts and potential

Synthetic melanin, when properly coupled to a cancer antigen, has shown to give a vaccine of unequalled efficacy, significantly higher than all existing and under development adjuvants. It has also shown itself to be 5 times more efficient then IFA/Montanide + CpG, the current reference adjuvant in activating the immune system against cancers.

The toxicity profile is expected to be very low as melanin is a molecule naturally present in the human body (it is the pigment responsible for hair and skin colour) and it is also sometimes found in human lymphatic ganglions (responsible for activating the immune system). To this day, none of the mice tested showed any signs of toxicity on any preclinical trials.

The Altevax technology's competitive advantage also comes from its ability to be coupled to virtually any antigens currently being studied. It could therefore be applied to multiple cancerous indications and become a platform technology, as it could also be used outside cancer in anti-infectious vaccines.

Finally, because melanin is relatively easy to obtain, the adjuvant’s manufacturing simplicity ensures Altevax to be able to produce its technology in sufficient quantities, indicating future high margins and a low price per treatment.


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