Altevax is developing and will bring to market an entirely new vaccine technology for cancer and infectious diseases. This patented technology, which consists in a melanin-based adjuvant embedding an antigen, has shown superior efficacy in treating tumours relative to existing methods. In multiple lab tests, the technology was proven to trigger a very powerful immune response against cancers and viruses, demonstrating dramatically superior effectiveness relative to current cancer vaccines benchmarks.

The Altevax technology triggers antigen-specific Cytotoxic T-lymphocytes (CTLs), the organism's most effective defenders. These antigen-specific CTLs destroy the cancerous cells while leaving heathy cells intact.

Melanin is a non-toxic compound, naturally present compound in the human body and responsible for the skin's colour. Unlike other vaccines in the market or under development today that present significant toxicity issues, the Altevax technology is therefore likely to have no or very limited toxic effect.

This breakthrough technology can be applied to several types of cancers or to viral diseases and be combined with other technologies such as immune checkpoints inhibitors.


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